Alain Thibault is a composer, sound designer and electronic music artist. His works has been presented in several contexts, contemporary music and digital arts festivals, in Canada, Europe (Chatelet Theater and Radio- France in Paris, etc.) and Asia (Yamaguchi YCAM Japan, South-Korea, Taïwan, etc.). With media artist Yan Breuleux, he formed the duo PurForm. They are presently touring their new AV performance, abcd_light, in Europe and Asia. With American artist Matthew Biederman, he created the duo RAY_XXXX, whose PULSE performance was presented in Italy, France and Brazil. Thibault is presently artistic director of Elektra, an international digital arts festival, presented every year in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


He worked collaboratively as part of the duo PurForm with visual artist Yan Breuleux which produced works and performances that combine music and video : a-light (Hononary mention, Prize Ars Electronica in 1998), FausTechnology (2001), Black_Box (2003), abcd_light (new version 2009-2010). Their works have been presented at events around Europe : Bolzano, Milan and Roma in Italy; Paris and Nantes in France; Berlin in Germany, Japan (ISEA 2002 in Nagoya) and Canada (Elektra in Montreal, Mois-Multi in Quebec).



In 2006 he created the duo RAY_XXXX with visual artist Matthew Biederman, whose PULSE performance - the first version - was presented at Québec_numériQ Francofffonies! at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris in September 2006. PULSE was also presented in Montreal (Elektra Festival and SAT), Rio de Janeiro (FILE Festival) and Roma (RomaEuropa Festival). A 7 minutes surround version appears in the Optpfonica capsule and on the Optofonica DVD recently released on 12K/Line.


Poison Arrow

As a DJ Alain Thibault aka Poison Arrow has performed in venues and events, in Montreal such as, Stereo Club, SONA, Aria, SAT, Usine C and in Paris at the Grand Palais during the After Shows of the festival Étés de la danse, July 2008. He was recently performing with VJ Gridspace. His latest tracks, remixes and mixes can be found on ???



Alain Thibault is presently president and director of research & creation of Elektratek, a Montreal's company devoted to R&D in the field of the culture industry. Founded in 2006 with partner Martin Chartrand, Elektratek's team is involved in software development, computer programming, 3D vision/interfaces, robotics and system automation.


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